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  • PA66 Strip extrusion line

    PA66 Strip extrusion line

    Features: 1.high specialization for each application; 2.high performances for each production; 3.low maintenance costs; 4.long life; 5.moving and fixed positions, which can be adjusted in height and angle for a quick connection to the extrusion equipment; 6.very high melt homogeneity.

  • Nylon Thermal Break Strip Extrusion Machine

    Nylon Thermal Break Strip Extr...

    Nylon thermal break strip extrusion machine is popular used in Europe, China and some other Asia countries.

  • Thermal breaking profiles

    Thermal breaking profiles

    1.PA66GF25 Thermal Breaking Profiles 2.good quality 3.best price

  • Thermal Insulation Strip Extruder Machine

    Thermal Insulation Strip Extru...

    Themral insulation strip raw material is 75% nylon ,25% glass fiber, used for making energy saving thermal insulation aluminum profile.

  • Polyamide Strip Extruder for Thermal Break

    Polyamide Strip Extruder for T...

    Polyamide strip extruder use raw material 25% glass fiber and 75% nylon to make thermal break strips.

  • PA66 GF25% Strip Extruder

    PA66 GF25% Strip Extruder

    PA66 GF25% strip extruder is used for making thermal break strips, play a part in thermal isolation effect

  • PA66 Nylon Strip Extrusion Machine

    PA66 Nylon Strip Extrusion Mac...

    PA66 nylon strip extrusion machine is used for making thermal break strip, later do thermal break aluminum profile, such as window, door etc.

  • Polyamide strips for thermal barrier aluminum

    Polyamide strips for thermal b...

    polyamide strips are used for thermal break aluminum profiles, play a part in thermal barrier effect.

  • Thermal Break Strip Extruder Machine

    Thermal Break Strip Extruder M...

    thermal break strip extruder machine is used for making thermal break strip, for thermal break window ,door ,curtain walls etc.

  • Polyamide PA66 Strut Extruder

    Polyamide PA66 Strut Extruder

    Polyamide pa66 struct extruder realize energy saving thermal break aluminum window door

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