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PA66 GF25% Strip Extruder
Product Details

PA66 GF25% strip extruder is used for making thermal break strips, play a part in thermal isolation effect,raw material is 75% nylon,25% glass fiber, could make different shape of PA66 GF25% strips,C type, I type, T type, hollow type etc.

could do complicated moulds, have special precision machine to make moulds in our factory, till now, our moulds and PA66 GF25% strips extruder has been exported to Turkey, Poland, Turkey,Germany, Italy ,Iran etc.

From raw material , PA66 GF25% strips, PA66 GF25% strip extruder all line we are ready to supply, any inquiry feel free to contact us for good product with good price.

PA66 GF25% strip extruder including raw material automatic loading device,extruder main machine, multiple strip collector.

Contact information:

Mr Laury Deng

Mobile:+86 18666351009


Tel/Fax:+86 757 85526263

Add: Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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