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Polyamide PA66 Strut Extruder
Product Details

From Raw material of polyamide pa66 struct, to finished struct, and struct extruder, mature and professional supplying line in company with good quality good price. till now has been exported to over 10 countries.

High precision extruder machine with high quality moulds, specialized in complicated polyamide pa66 strut moulds.

Professional installation engineer only need 2~3 days to help customer to finish installation and training operators.

advanced and precision process machine to make every parts of extruder , control quality by ourself in details. flexible delivery time, and fast delivery time.

machine with multiple polyamide pa66 strut rewinder, collect finished strut.

make a lot of complicated strut, easy operation of machine, moulds change easily.

please contact us for details information, glad to help you to get profit by making polyamide pa66 strut

Mr Laury Deng


Whats app:+86 18666351009

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