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Wood Grain Transfer Machine
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Wood grain transfer machine for aluminum profile is heating transfer oven, through heating, print wood pattern on aluminum profile from raw material transfer paper with poly bag or transfer film. one time at least can print 36 pcs of aluminum profile, daily output around 2~3 tons of aluminum profile. basic surface treatment is colorful powder coating,fuel could be electricity, diesel oil, LPG, Natural gas. Most of electrical parts is Germany Siemens,Burner use Sweden Bentone burner. Welcome to visit our factory , checking operation and machine situation, could show you around more than 2~3 customer factories in Foshan city for checking wood grain aluminum machine. Till now, Chanjeou aluminum wood grain transfer machine already exported to Saud Arabia, Kuwait, Israel,India,Costa,Australia,Egypt etc.

wood grain transfer machine for aluminum sheet, panel, flat aluminum profile:

Wood grain transfer machine for aluminum sheet, aluminum panel, flat aluminum profile etc. maximum width of sheet is 1.5m, maximum length of aluminum sheet is 6m, one time maximum capacity is 10 pcs of aluminum sheet for 6m long, silicon membrane as sealing and protective cover for heat transferring, which can resist 250 degree high temperature, at least could use for 6 months. Silicon membrane wood grain transfer aluminum sheet machine is popular in Saudi Arabia.

wood grain transfer machine for aluminum profile


1.Q: Silicon membrane and individual suction table design for wood grain pattern printing aluminum machine, which one is better?

A: Silicon membrane design table is suitable for aluminum sheets, panel and aluminum profile,but good at aluminum sheets& panels; individual suction design table is good at aluminum profiles.


2.Q: what is the difference between transfer film and transfer paper?

A: Transfer film must be welding bagging before doing wood grain transferring.

  Transfer paper should be used with high temperature bag together, which play a part in vacuum sealing and paper protecting.

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