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Vacuum Wood Grain Transfer Machine
Product Details

Vacuum wood grain transfer machine

Function: through heating, transfer wood grain on surface of aluminum profile from raw material

Surface treatment: powder coating, electrophoresis

Design features: individual vacuum suction

Raw material:

(1) option 1: transfer film( cut wood film on basis of profile size, use film sealing machine to welding film and packing profile  at the mean time, put profile on table and make vacuum, sending to inside of oven , heating, after finishing, automatically come out oven, remove film )

(2) option 2: transfer paper+high temperature plastic bag( cut wood paper on basis of profile size, packing profile by paper, sticker paper, put them into plastic bag, then go on table, make vacuum, sending inside oven , heating, after finishing, automatically come out oven, remove paper and bag


fuelnatural gas, LPG, diesel oil, electricity

Tree layers vacuum5T/10hours

Two layers vacuum3T/10hours

Maximum profile length6.5m

Floor areaL28.5m*W 2.3m*H 3m

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