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PA66 GF25 Strip Extrusion Line
Product Details

PA66 GF25 strip extrusion line help to do thermal break aluminum profiles

Between two aluminum profiles, two black color pa66 gf25 strips , made by 25% glass fiber and 75% nylon because of low thermal conductivity, stop energy transfer through aluminum, thermal break aluminum profiles widely used in window, door, curtain walls,air condictioner frame etc. popular used in Europe, has been exported to Poland, France, Germany, Turkey,Iran etc.

Complicated shape ofpa66 gf25 strip mould are available in our company,send us drawing of strips to let us decide moulds cavity

pa66 gf25 strip's moulds made in our factory,control quality precisely,if machine is not from us, we also could make the moulds match with your machine.

strip moulds help you to make strips smoothly, which is the most important tool for strip extrusion line.

pa66 gf25 strip extrusion line including raw material loading device, main extrusion machine, moulds,strip collector .

Except pa66 gf25 strip extrusion production line, raw material, thermal break strips ,all are available to supply at good price with excellent quality.

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