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Aluminum Door Silicon Membrane Wood Grain Sublimation Equipment
Product Details

Silicon membrane table design wood grain transfer printing machine is popular used for aluminum sheet& aluminum panel&aluminum door,could transfer wood grain on 20 pieces of aluminum sheet in one time,maximum article width is 1500mm, maximum length is 6000mm.


Silicon membrane not only have vacuum suction effect, but also play a part in protection of sublimation paper or film.


One side of silicon membrane or two sides of silicon membrane depend of article shape, if thin aluminum panel, one side of silicon membrane is enough, for thick aluminum sheet or thick aluminum cubic shape, may use two sides of silicon membrane.


Before making wood grain sublimation effect, basic color powder coating is necessary, because the wood pattern should be absorbed inside of powder,no powder no wood grain sublimation effect.


Raw material should be wood effect paper with transparent plastic bag or wood effect film only.


Whole line of aluminum sheet wood effect sublimation machine consist of :

1 set of heating oven with hot air circulation fan;

2 sets of silicon membrane table with vacuum making system

1 set of heating system

1 set of electrical control panel.


Fuel should be electricity or Natural gas or LPG or diesel oil or Heavy oil etc.


Technical parameters:

1,heat printing temperature: 150~200 degree

2,heat printing time: 10~25min

3,oven size: L8500*W2100*H1900

4,overall dimension:L28.5m*W2.3m*H2.5m



1,why need do powder coating first?

Because wood grain effect should be absorbed in powder

2,how to control temperature?

Machine control temperature by PLC and Temperature controller,display technical parameters display on screen.

3,how to choose the printing temperature and printing time?

Normally, final wood grain color will be decided after testing different temperature and time, do sample first,after sample confirm, then make continuous production.

4,if make wood grain sublimation machine for both of aluminum sheet and aluminum profiles, is it possible?

Definitely, could design different table for both of profiles and sheets.

5,how to choose basic color and paper or film?

Use small sample machine to make different sample, sample confirm, then powder and paper or film confirm.

6,will engineer go to customer place for installation?

Yes, definitely. Except installation,technical person will guide customer’s operator to operator and explain the maintenance details for future purpose.

7,how many labor need?

Normally 4~8 , depends on production capacity.

8,which fuel is best?

It depends on price of fuel

9,which country have you sent to for this wood finish machine?

Egypt, Kuwait,Israel,Saudi Arabia,Costa Rica,Australia,India,Turkey etc.



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